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Greg Hall Jeet Kune Do & GTEK Martial arts

I started my Martial Arts journey 17 years ago when I started in the art of western boxing, which I still practice today, as it is my first love. At around the same time I started learning Thai-Boxing and Tae-Kwondo at Master Toddy.s gym.

I practiced these three arts diligently for 6 years looking for a slant towards reality. I had no idea what a real street fight was like so I thought I was learning how to defend myself until I actually saw a pub brawl in the city town centre and thought all my techniques and all my moves wouldn.t have helped me.

Then I found a gym in China Town George Street Manchester while I was with my pal one day and walked up the stairs to have a look.

When we walked in I was in awe of these gi clad martial artists all shouting and blasting the big pads.

The instructor was Steve Powell; the system was Choshinkai a blend of Muay Thai, Silat, Shukokai Karate, Wing Chun, and the Filipino Martial Arts and later on J.K.D. it looked awesome.

Although I never went back straight away it was in my mind all the while to go back and join. Which eventually I did.

I found that my kickboxing, Thai-Boxing and western boxing skills stood me in good stead, but the way we trained from no guard and more street applicable drills together with the weaponry and blending of the arts it was exactly what I was looking for and I never looked back.

Through Steve I learned all the tricks and power shots that have carried me through ten years of door work dealing with weapon attacks, 2 on 1 etc, etc.

As well as this he has introduced me to many top J.K.D. practitioners and now I am an instructor under Rick Faye and Larry Hartsell and a Blue belt under Royce Gracie. I am also an instructor under Steve Powell in Choshinkai.

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  1. Good Evening Greg
    Is Tommy Heyes still alive?
    Would be great to talk to some of the last remaining Champions.

    Many thanks for your time.

    Robert Yandall.

  2. I want to send my daughter 9 years old to a self-defense classes and maybe me as well.
    I need to know what day, time and the price, we are in moston.
    Violeta shedid

  3. Trying to find a copy of your autobiography did you do one if so could you give me isbn number thanks wayne

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