In self defense situations you need different mental attributes do deal with certain mental states. Pain, fear, mental inertia, killer instinct etc.

Some techniques are better for overcoming mental inertia. Blender, spear etc.

Some are better for bringing out killer instincts. Straight blasts, blitz attack, double hip strikes etc.

You can use any pain technique so that when during an altercation you feel pain you throw out a combination without thinking.

Same with fear. Any time you feel fear for any reason during a skirmish you will have a fear combination that just comes out without hesitation.


MENTAL INERTIA – Blender to your chosen art. Sometimes even though you know what to do you still choke so to enable you to get to your techniques you use the blender to overcome mental inertia thus allowing you to get to your techniques or art.

A DESCRIPTION OF THE BLENDER – The whirling slashing part of the close quarter muscle memory form. Rear upwards elbow, eye rake, lead hook elbow, eye rake, rear down elbow, eye rake.

BLENDER TO HEAD BUTT – After the blender thumb gouge and put your hands at the back of the head and head butt. Variation on the head butt drop down and snap the nose onto the top of the head.

BLENDER TO STREET ROUND KICK – (DOUBLE HIP). After the blender step over to make sure you connect on the most vulnerable part of the leg and then kick. To finish.

BLENDER TO SHOOT ON THE LEGS – Execute the blender to create motion and overcome inertia then drop like you are tying your lace and shoot for the leg or legs. Any appropriate finish.

BLENDER TO STRAIGHT BLASTS – After you have overcome mental inertia with the blender you can then switch on killer instinct with the straight blasts.

Blender to boxing. After the blender throw left hook to the body, left hook to the head, straight right.


These are just sample drills you can follow up with any appropriate technique. Try these then try your own.

TECHNIQUE TO THE BLENDER –  The blender is a good finishing combination in itself. So you can initiate with your favorite technique then finish with the blender. Roundhouse, jab cross, straight blasts etc.


In long range your mental state should be of pliable focus because you can see what’s going on.

The minute you crash in close you need to be able to switch to killer instinct and finish the deal.

If he gets away you need to be able to come back down. You need to be able to mentally fluctuate.


During a fight when the opportunity arises to apply pressure the straight blasts is a very efficient and effective weapon.

The theory behind the straight blasts is to enter with kickboxing. Interceptions, destruction’s etc.

Apply pressure with the straight blasts.

Then finish with elbows, knees and head butts.

Sometimes when you straight blast you cannot get to the back of the head to throw your finishing tools because different energies arise. You must use the appropriate tool at the appropriate time.

If as you straight blast and the opponent tries to stiff arm you off apply a arm wrench to the elbow. Then follow up head, knee, elbow.

This time he turns to run. Point kick him in the solar plexus or balls. Catch up and finish.

After the blasts he covers his face. Trap down the arms. Follow up head, knee, elbow.

This time after the blasts your opponent shoulder rolls. So you shin blast the thigh. Blast and head, knee elbow.

The blasts bring on aggression and killer instinct by utilizing speed.

This time with the DOUBLE HIP power is bringing out the aggression.


Standard reverse punch. Push shuffle forward and elbow. Both double hip full power.

Same reverse punch. Bounce a big rear knee in. Both full power full focused aggression.

Reverse punch. Rear round kick.

Reverse punch. Lead skip round kick. After the punch skip your lead leg back and full power full aggression round kick.

Double hip power reverse punch. Lead skip knee. Really drive the hips in.

Practice these drills in order then let the pad man set the follow up arbitrarily.

FEAR COMBINATION – If you are ambushed or during an altercation you feel that you are losing fear will arise so instead of “folding” you have a combination that presents itself automatically because of scenario based training simulating as closely as possible an environment that resembles fear thus burning in the fear response.

Make your combo one that you can flow with easy.

Here are a few examples:

Cross, hook, cross. The second you feel fear throw out the combo to overcome the surplus adrenaline and enable you to carry on.

Knee, elbow, elbow. Either side.

Right round kick, hook, cross, hook.

Cross, uppercut, cross.

The blender or straight blasts could also be utilized.

The closer to the actual event that you can simulate the scenario the more feedback you will get from the drills.


PAIN COMBINATION – For the pain combination you can use any of the above combinations or you can use a separate pain combination. Again a few examples.

Left hook to the body left hook to the head straight right.

Right uppercut, left hook, straight right.

Down elbow, hook elbow, down elbow.

Hook elbow, down elbow, hook elbow.

Let the stimulus of pain throw the combination itself.

Pain examples could be during the fight you take a good shot on the nose and just explode with the combination of your choice.

With all these mental principles choose one for each mental requirement and train it to distraction. Try and replicate as closely as possible with progressive resistance in your drills leading up to all out stress related scenario based training drills.

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