Steve Powell

“I have know Greg since the early 80’s and watch him grow from a Boy Boxer into a Man of Great Martial Arts Expertise. Greg’s has trained with and been certified by some of the worlds top class instructors and has a vast knowledge of many martial arts systems and training methods. But has never lost his grip on the truth of real combat.”

Mark Hatmaker

“Greg Hall, is a superlative martial artist with a true scholar’s drive for truth in combat. He backs up that intellectual drive with hard work, an above and beyond training ethic, real-world experience, and perhaps most importantly, a gentleman’s demeanor.”
Mark Hatmaker Extreme self protection

Den Martin

“Greg Hall has become a respected authority within the self-protection community, due to his relentless search for knowledge which has taken him to the top Asian, American and European instructors.
But more than this is the years of experience he gained applying his skills in front-line security on night-club doors in a hard, Northern city.
Greg has presented his material on our seminars several times, and it has always been top notch. If you get the chance to train first hand with him, go for it”
Dennis Martin, Combatives Training Group, International.

Matty Evans The heir to Geoff Thompson’s Real Self Protection System

“I have trained with Greg a number of times he is a great striker and a great grappler.I would say his all round mixed martial arts is at a great level. Greg is one of the best martial artists I have trained with and I look forward to training with him again.”

Darren Stubbs A.K.A , K.O Kid!

“Gregs Wealth Of Knowledge Has Opened Up a whole new world of training to me.
Greg introduced me to core and complex training which has greatly improved my overall speed,strength, agility and mental awareness.
I took Greg on through a friend recently before my last fight which was in April against John Ibbotson who then was ranked sixth in Great Britain (LightHeavyweight) unbeaten. The training was intense and it took me to a whole new level which I believe helped me greatly take on Ibbotson and defeat him. Hopefully I will get a title shot next because of the work i have done with Greg, with his help I have reached fifth position in Britain” Link

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